Breast Lift The Facts

Breast lift procedures are nowadays considered as a routine procedure. However, there are still some misconceptions fueled by ignorance that is mainly spread over the internet. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common misconceptions about breast lift treatments and replacing them with solid facts.

Myth No.1 – Breast lift is the same as breast augmentation

Reality: A breast lift is a type of plastic surgery also known as mammoplasty in which woman’s breasts are being modified and raised for aesthetical purposes. Breast lifts and breast augmentation share a lot of standard features, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Breast augmentation can include breast reduction, breast enlargement, adding breast silicons, breast lift, and so on.

Myth No. 2 – Breast lift surgery is a simple procedure

Reality: There is nothing simple about breast lift surgery as there are plenty of things to consider. Any experienced surgeon will tell you that it takes some time to prepare for the procedure as there is a recovery period. That way the risk of potential complications is almost wholly annulled. Before the procedure, you will need to run a couple of tests, scans, and exams. Also, the patient will be asked to stick to a recommended diet before the operation. A breast lift may be considered a routine surgery only if it is performed by an experienced surgeon and in a certified clinic.

Myth No.3 – Breast lift can lead to scarring

Reality: After the procedure, there will be a visible scar. However, that’s only temporary, and after a while, it will vanish on its own. Therefore, there is no need to worry that there will be a scar on your breasts or near them.

Myth No.4 – Breast lift as expensive as hell

Reality: Not anymore! At one point it was only the celebrities and the super-wealthy that could afford it. However, nowadays the price is way lower so that a person with a middle-class income can easily afford it.

Myth No.5 – Breast lift recovery period is short

Reality: the Truth is that any reputable surgeon will ask the patient to take it easy for a period of two to four weeks. That depends on the condition of the patient, as well as the extent of the operation. The thing is that not everyone is in the same condition and everyone’s body reacts differently to one such operation. Then some other circumstances affect the recovery period. The important thing is not to exercise or lift heavy items during the initial resting period. However, to make a full recovery it will take several more weeks so that the swelling will completely go away.

Myth No.6 – I can achieve the same effect with exercising

Reality: Again, there is no truth in this. There is no way to achieve the same results as breast lift surgery. Anybody that says otherwise can be literarily considered as poor information. Exercising builds chest muscle. But that doesn’t influence breast skin or tissue. Therefore, exercising can help you with your confidence, but almost little to nothing when it comes to reshaping or repositioning your breasts.

Myth No.7 – Creams and supplements can help you have perky breasts

Reality: Again, no supplement or cream can help you lift your breasts like a breast lift surgery. Some creams can increase the elasticity of the breasts and encourage collagen growth. But the results are minimal. Anyone can try creams and supplements, but simple before and after comparison can debunk their effectiveness.