A Quick Guide to Breast Augmentation

We are all not blessed with a perfect body of our choice but today with the help of plastic surgery you are in a position to have a body that you can be proud of. A recent trend that has caught up with women is to get breasts of their choice. A lot of women have either asymmetric breasts or some lose volume after breastfeeding and pregnancy and yet others were never gifted with a size that they could flaunt. Whatever the reason, they are unhappy and they want to address the problem. Breast augmentation is the solution that they are all looking for.

What is Breast augmentation?

Often called “boob Job” breast augmentation increases the size of your breasts either by inserting implants or transferring some fatty tissue from other areas of the body. The end result is contoured that is pleasing and a body that can boost the self-esteem and self-image of an individual. The current trend in plastic surgery is to give a natural look as much as possible to the breasts.

How does a surgeon assess a patient?

It is a standard procedure for the surgeon to take before and after photos before proceeding with the surgery. You can discuss with the surgeon the shape you want and based on the original shape and the end result he or she will decide on which type of implant to use. The next thing the surgeon will want to know is the cup size you prefer. Based on your body type, size and bone structure the final decision will be made because you don’t want to end up with breasts that are too large for your body.

Types of implants

Breast implants are not only available in different sizes and materials but also in different shapes in accordance with which part of the breast you want to be augmented. The most common types are:

  • Silicone implants: These implants give the breast a fuller look and are more natural. They are available in various sizes. An improved version is the highly cohesive silicone implants whereby the gel is held more strongly and makes the breasts firmer and the chances of the gel leaking are minimal. But these implants are expensive.


  • Saline implants: They are affordable but not firm and not durable. They are just silicone shells filled with saltwater. An advanced version is structured saline implants that are more durable and firmer.
  • Gummy bear implants:  These implants are the most natural and have a long life. They can increase breast size significantly.


Can a breast be augmented after mastectomy?

In scenarios when a breast is diseased, it is removed or a mastectomy is performed. Even in such cases, the breast can be reconstructed.  During a mastectomy, a surgeon saves the breast skin to use it later for breast reconstruction. Initially, the surgeon will introduce a tissue expander and fill it with saline solution and wait for the chest to heal completely, which is usually between two to six months, before introducing an implant. In some cases, surgeons keep the breast implant in the same surgery as the mastectomy.